Media Transfer

click to zoomYou post or bring us your old vinyl recordings and we will lovingly restore them and transfer them to computer for more intense restoration.

We will then apply filters to reduce any remaining pops and crackles and transfer the cleaned up tracks to CD.

The same applies to audio cassettes (we remove the dreaded tape hiss) and also reel to reel tape - most reel sizes are catered for.

We can also transfer DAT, mini disc, micro cassette and computer audio files. All finished CDs will have track details printed on the CD face.

Examples of digital media transfer include:

  • Vinyl record to CD
  • Cassette tape to CD
  • Reel-to-reel magnetic tape to CD
  • DAT to CD
  • Micro Cassette (dictation tape)
  • Minidisc to CD
  • VHS video/video camera/camcorder audio to CD
  • CD Duplication
  • Computer/mp3/audio files to CD


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