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 Recording a brass band, orchestra, choir, wedding, conference, funeral etc.

Producing a recording of a large ensemble usually means an expensive visit to a big city recording studio with all the associated logistic problems that can create.

AudioXL however will come to you and record you at the venue of your choice - a rehearsal room or even at a live concert.

We have also recorded many weddings and funerals (where audio only is requested). We are very discrete with microphone placement, cables and recording equipment - you won't know we are there.

Several annual conferences have been recorded by Audio XL - we record the 'No Panic' conference each year - and we have also put several 'radio plays' to CD.

The resulting recording will be mixed and edited back at our studios and we can also design the CD artwork, print the inserts and supply any number of CDs from 10 to 10,000.

We will need early access to enable the setting up of microphones etc and a plan of the set up is very useful for correct mic placement. We can finely tune the placement once everyone is in situ.

To summarise, besides rock, country, folk and pop bands, we record:

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