click to zoomWe can supply music to accompany dressage routines of any level.

The music is usually themed (i.e James Bond, Heavy Rock, Pink Panther etc) and timed precisely for each section - walk, trot, canter. We edit the sections carefully so that they flow seamlessly into each section. Each programme we produce will be individually tailored to suit each rider and horse.

We will generally work from your videos but can arrange to film your routine ourselves if required (pricing for this  will depend on the distance we would have to travel).

We will discuss your exact requirements and offer suggestions then, on receipt of your video, will produce a CD with the music to accompany the routine. We can offer different themes and music for you to make your final choice from. A non refundable deposit of £35 will be required before we supply the choices of music.

We will need to know the following:

- what level does the rider compete at?
- do they already compete in music classes and have they already got a music piece they use?
- have they got an up to date DVD of their floorplan? - preferably one where the horse is showing it's
   competition paces - (at home the horse may be too relaxed and not showing it's true competition paces).

Prices will to some extent depend on the level the competitor rides at - the higher the level the more work is involved in edits and precise music choice (i.e. music to reflect pirouettes, extensions etc).


Other Equestrian Events

click to zoomAudio XL has also worked with the International Jousting Show "The Knights of The Damned" and produces all their show music.












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