Live Band Recordings

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A CD of your band performing live is a great promotional tool and will help get you more gigs by showing exactly what you produce 'on stage' - or 'on floor' if it's in a pub!

It's a simple process and our mobile recording equipment won't interfere with your stage set up. Vocals will be fed to our gear via mic splitters (one feed goes to your mixing desk and one to our recording equipment) so your live mix is entirely separate from the recording mix.

Guitars, drums, bass, keyboards etc will be separately mic'd by us or we may DI them to our gear. Again we won't interfere with your live mix.

We will record the whole of your performance - you can choose which songs to actual use on the CD once they are mixed down in the studio.

The cost of the recording, mixdown, edits etc will be in the region of £300 to £400 - so a couple of gigs gained by using the CD demo and it's all paid for!

We can also take photos on the night to use on the CD inserts.

The actual cost of the finished CDs depends on how many you order. Small quantities are around £5 each. The cost reduces considerably the more you order - 5,000 - 10,000 will be in the region of 35p each.

Again, you can recoup this cost by selling the CDs as well as using them for promotional purposes to get more gigs.

Listen to some samples of live band recordings on our Sound Samples pages.

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