School Recording

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No worries!

Recording at a school is great fun for all involved. What may seem a little daunting at first very soon becomes an exciting and memorable experience.

The children (and the staff) love it! It's their chance to be pop stars for the day!


How it's done

Details of School Recording

A meeting with the head teacher or head of music at the school is arranged. We'll bring along samples of previous completed projects for perusal. The following will be discussed.

 Musical Content

A typical primary or infant school recording will be 30 to 50 minutes of children singing to piano accompaniment or playing instruments. A minimum of ten and maximum of around thirty tracks is the norm.

A list of songs and their rough duration is useful prior to the recording for our recording engineer.  

It is also a great help if the more talented singers are placed nearer to the microphones for the recording. 

Additional Instruments

As part of our service we can add complimentary instrumentation - percussion, guitar, keyboards, sound effects etc - back in the studio if required. This is usually the case when there is only piano accompaniment available at the school. A copy of the sheet music is very helpful.

We don't usually recommend recording actual live concerts. A few mistakes, bangs and crashes are OK on the night but will grow tiresome when played on a CD a few times.

Also, having us there at your already nerve-wracking live event could put the children under even more pressure.

We therefore recommend recording a dress rehearsal - aside from the advantages outlined above, we can also 'pause' the rehearsal and re-take recordings if necessary.

If this is at least three weeks before the concert the CDs will be ready to sell at 'on the door'.

Have a listen to some school recording samples.


It's great to involve the children in the CD design - their paintings or drawings can be used to great effect on the CD inserts.

We'll need a list of everything that needs to be on the CD sleeve.  

  •  Song titles
  •  Pupils' names
  •  Teachers' names
  •  Musicians
  •  School address,
  •  School logos etc.

If you can supply these to us in propietary digital formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, JPEG and suchlike, it's a great help.

We will then produce a CD that not only sounds professional but looks fantastic too!


The recording of a well- rehearsed performance can take less than two hours.

However, we usually plan to be at the school for a full day- setting up the equipment as early as possible in the morning-leaving the rest of the day for recording.

If the recording is to take place in a room where the pupils usually eat lunch, we can clear up and re-situate to accommodate this.


A demonstration CD will be provided as soon as possible after the recording (usually a week), along with a rough draft of the artwork. We like to leave this with you for a while and any changes you think need to be made can be discussed when you're ready. All of the above services are free of charge- well, they are included in the sale price of the final CDs!

Final CDs

As soon as everything has been finalised, the desired quantity of finished CDs will be delivered to the school within two weeks.

We'll charge you just £9 (inc VAT & Delivery) per CD.

You can then charge the parents whatever you think is a fair price. Obviously we recommend you charge more than £9 - that way you can make a profit from the project.

It's a good idea to send a note to parents before ordering from us to see roughly how many CDs you will need. However, any further CDs can be ordered at a later date by phone or email.

Songs registered under MCPS/PRS

We will assist in all copyright procedures.


School Testimonials
School CD Covers

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