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Studio recording for bands differs in many ways to 'on location' recording. The plus side of a studio recording  is that the result will be very precise and flawless. Almost limitless tracks can create a masterpiece and make all your creative dreams a digital reality.

The solos will be perfect, the vocals will be as good as they can possibly get - if it's wrong just do it again and again until it's right.

The down side for some musicians is that you cannot recreate that 'playing live' feel. Also, for the purposes of marketing a band by using CD recordings, many pub landlords or entertainment agents will prefer a live recording as it shows what they are getting for their money - no overdubs, a 'warts and all' true life recording.

But if you want a masterpiece to sell and want to unleash all your creative talent - a studio recording is the route to take. Of course you can always record a live gig and then edit certain 'less than perfect' parts back in the studio - a wayward guitar solo, a slightly out of tune vocal - this is a technical process known as 'cheating'' !

Don't worry - many professional live recordings are 'patched up' in this way.

AudioXL caters for both and you will get  a superb recording whichever way you wish to go. Listen to some samples of studio and on location band recordings.

Self Accompanied Soloists

Just turn up and play as you would at a gig - or we can record your instrument first - you then sing to this. Whatever suits you. Listen to a sample of an acoustic blues singer  recorded in our studios.

Soloists singing to backing tracks

You simply supply your backing on CD (or we can source it for you or even create customised tracks in the studio) - and you sing to the accompaniment. The resulting recording is mixed and there you are! Listen to some samples.

Voice Overs

We have a sound proof booth where you can read to scripts in comfort. We have recorded for the BBC and  several DVD productions plus the classic David Brookes slimming series of CDs. Listen to some samples.

We have also provided the voice recording for interactive computer software and Talking Books. The Sandy Bear series was also recorded here.


The Gear

Some of our studio equipment

  • Apple Mac G4 and Macbook Pro - Cubase SX - Reason - Melodyne - Amadeus   etc.        click to zoom
  • Up to 48 track recording capability
  • Alesis DM10 digital drums (real acoustic drum samples - superb!)
  • Microphones include Sontronics, Audio Technica, Rhode, MG, Shure, AKG
  • Wireless capabilities - for discreet location recording
  • Line 6 POD Pro guitar interface - as used by Jeff Beck
  • Alesis ADATs - for location work
  • Boss BR1600s (two) - for location work
  • Studiomaster  mixing desk
  • Roland keyboards - XP60 workstation and EP77 digital piano
  • Gibson Les Paul, Fender Strat and Telecaster, Parker Fly, Gibson Songwriter Custom Shop Acoustic, Martin Acoustic,Gibson EB3 bass, Shine bass
  • Mesa Boogie, Trace Elliot amps
  • Jim Dunlop Talk Box (Living on a Prayer, Rocky Mountain Way, Mr. Blue Sky etc).
  • Alesis drum machines
  • Racks of outboard effects, compressor/gates, vocal harmonisers, pitch correction and guitar stomp boxes
  • Vintage Tascam TSR8 and X1000 (2 and 8 track) - for strictly analogue tape recording if requested
  • DAT, minidisc, audio cassette, vintage domestic reel to reels 
  • Variable speed record deck for all vinyl transfers




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