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" I will never forget the children's faces when they first heard themselves on the CD - it was fantastic! The whole experience was such a positive one for them.

We selected and rehearsed 23 of our favourite songs then John (AudioXL) came along and we spent a day in the school hall recording them.

Within two weeks we were sent a demo copy of the CD which had been given the 'John Cubbin' treatment!

The songs sounded wonderful, even though the children were very young. John had enhanced the songs by adding extra instruments - very professionally played.

The CD proved so popular that over 200 copies were sold and at the parents' request, a live concert - complete with extra musicians courtesy of AudioXL - followed. Almost every child in the school took part and we had a truly memorable evening. "


"A great deal of money was raised for school funds through CD sales and more importantly, the children were all part of a really worthwhile project."

"I have no hesitation in recommending AudioXL to any school"

Karen Castle, Woodfield Infants School, Shrewsbury


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